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Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and words of encouragement in today's webinar.
You speak honestly and from the heart! Signs of a great coach who without a doubt puts women on the path to Be Amazing!
I appreciate you taking the time to guide us and provide so much value.

Gaby G.

Julie is an amazing leader and woman of great wisdom. She shed light on the ideas that were stirring in my head about my business and I'm truly blessed to have been a part of the starting your business class!

Laura O.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to equip and teach women! It amazes me what we as women have been taught in family and culture yet you go against the grain! Love it! My fire is ignited.  


Anne M.

Loved All The Great Information You Shared yesterday. Thank you for being Open to Help Us.

You are Definitely a Boss Babe!

Jessica M.




Shake it up now! is a group for Women who want and need to be shaken up in their personal life and their business life. It's for women who need more direction, a little boost in life and who need to surround themselves with positive women who are on the same journey.


Teaching at-risk kids how to rise above their situation and succeed in life.

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