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Julie Sands is a woman of eclectic style, a successful business woman, an award winning Realtor, a five-time author with three best-sellers on Amazon, a Speaker and the founder of “Shake It Up Now!” a personal and business transformation company, where Julie teaches women how to make six figures in their business and still remain successful at home. Along with other successful business ventures, Julie was also a franchisee of El Pollo Loco Corp., where she grew her business by creating an organic marketing system, which entailed Community involvement, local first responder benefits, school lunch programs and much more. Julie has now ventured into the television and media world and is the Host of Imaginate with Julie Sands on All Access Broadcasting, a digital television station




"I've learned a lot in life and business.  The biggest of them all is: What you give, you'll get back"

-Julie Sands

This dynamic woman knew that her own rise to a triumphant, successful and vibrant life should not be kept to herself.  Julie shared her self-taught coping skills and business acumen first with young women as a mentor, and went on to launch her “Shake It Up Now” business, to coach not only Realtors, but other professionals in achieving excellence through implementing systems and strategies and applying personal integrity in everything in life from our own friendships, through deep meaningful connections with clients.


Along with business savvy, Julie has a passion for inspiring people to live their best and continues to embody the strength of the human spirit


Anyone in the business world can benefit from learning more about Julie’s best business practices and passionate approach to daily life.

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